Slide Ensemble

Slide Ensemble is a free improvisation quartet formed by Ferran Gorrea and Gemma Galeano (saxophones), Diego Kohn (violin/viola/electronics) and Marina Mello (harp). Slide Ensemble consists of musicians from Spain, Brazil and Argentina based in Zurich. All the musicians have international music studies and experience in contemporary music and free improvisation.

Slide Ensemble not only supports free improvisation, but also the creation of new repertoire for this unconventional ensemble. On their recent Creaziun Tour 2022, Slide Ensemble has created four co-creative pieces together with the Swiss composers: Christian Wolfarth, Annette Schmucki, Mathias Steinauer and Katharina Weber.

Video documentary of the project

In October 2022, Slide Ensemble won the 1st Prize at the Improvisation Competition (22nd Annual Congress) organized by  Gesselschaft für Musiktheorie in Salzburg.  

Musikzeitung - Slide Ensemble wins in Salzburg

Duo Via

Ferran Gorrea and Gemma Galeano are the members of Duo Via.

They are active as a duo since 2018 performing in some places such as Museum für Gestaltung, Kunsthalle, Volkshaus and in  Toni-Areal (Zürich). 

Duo Via specializes in both classical and contemporary music thanks to the versatility of its members.

They have also participated in competitions such as the ZHdK (Zürcher Hochschule der Künste) Contemporary Music Competition, being awarded one of the Prizes in April 2020.

Duo via have played in one of the most important contemporary music festivals in Zürich, the unerhört Festival. Their sold out performance took place at Teather Neumarkt on the 24.11.23. 


Ángel Martínez and Gemma Galeano are founders and artistic directors of the Saxophone Festival SAX-AP at Segorbe (Spain). This Festival took place for the first time on July 2022 and it will continue taking place every Summer. 

SAX-AP is a three-day festival, in which amateur saxophonists, former conservatory students and professional saxophonists from Alto Palancia (Castellón, Spain) participate in activities such as masterclasses, saxophone expositions, conferences, chamber music rehearsals and concerts. The aim of the Festival is to bring together saxophonists from the region to enjoy playing together.

Next dates of 2024: July 18-20

Follow our Instagram to know more about the Festival. There, we will inform about the events taking place during the 3rd Edition of the SAX-AP. 


Ferran Gorrea and Gemma Galeano are the organisers of the SPURFREI, the open stage for free improvisation taking place once a month at Musikklub Mehrspur

There is always a special guest opening the event. 

The event is free, open to everybody to play or just to listen.

Next dates of 2024: 

22.04.24 with Cristina Arcos (saxophone)

06.05.24 with Tizia Zimmermann (acordeon)

17.06.24 with Florian Kolb (drums)

01.07.24, TBA

Foto credits: Nils Mehr